Saturday, July 9, 2011

Time away, Time to get back into gear

I had the pleasure of spending several days with a dear friend in Missouri.  I also had the pleasure of traveling with my almost-2-year-old toddler.  Thank goodness grandma also came along and helped coral the boy!!!  My husband got to stay home and "do stuff" around the house.  The visit was good, but I was struck by how little vegetables (other than french fries) were served at the restaurants we went to in mid-Missouri.  We cooked together one night and made a healthier meal.  A basic spaghetti with basil and broil tomatoes with cheese.  Tasty, simple, and far healthier than the other options.

Now it's home and back to the grind, but perhaps better, it's back to some serious vegetable eating!

July 8th - Friday - Chicken and Tofu Kabobs with Jamaican Jerk seasoning. & Vegetable kabobs with a basil, cilantro & lime juice marinade.  Then I added a new grain to my repertoire - AMARANTH!  I used a bit too much water so it ended up a bit cereal like, but it tasted good.  I added a little basil and cilantro and then a touch of honey.  Yum!

July 9th - Saturday - Summer Squash Frittata - From the book "How to Pick a Peach" p. 165.  It's a very basic recipe with fresh parsley, onion and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

July 10th - Sunday - Stuffed Tomatoes from Alton Brown - one of my favorite recipes from my fav. food network chef.  If I can find the tomatoes and some fresh mushrooms at the market that is what I'll go with

July 11th - Monday - Chicken & Bean Tacos with fresh tomatoes, lime & cilantro yogurt dressing

July 12th - Tuesday - Cheese Ravoili & marinara sauce - if this is all from the freezer and jars, so be it.  We are dog sitting and I get to go get the doggy!

July 13th - Wednesday - Grilled or Broiled shrimp kabobs with broccoli/nut side dish

July 14th - Thursday - Steak and Spinach Salad - Yummy, and it pleases my husband too!

July 15th - Friday - Dylan's 2-year-old photo shoot!  So, probably something out

The plan is a bit vague right now but it will flush out as I go.

Happy. Healthy, Eating