About The Not Perfect Plate

When I was growing up the lesson about nutrition was eat from the Four Food Groups, then came the Pyramid Version 1, then Version 2.   As a family, I thought we weren't too unhealthy, but there was lots of cheese and meat and potatoes.  I've seen many people I knew growing up at unhealthy weights and struggling with a number of health issues.   I also know that metabolism is catching up more each year with me - more technology, less movement - so many yummy treats and sometimes my appetite feels like it did when I was in high school!

So, what to do?  Read all the books that are full of people determined to make good food choices - eating local for an entire year, knowing where the food you eat comes from, growing your own, etc. etc. etc?   Sure I want to be organized, have great healthy AND flavorful meals each week, spend less at the grocery store, eat out less, buy my food locally and when possible organically and finish loosing a few more pounds - don't we all?

Well, this summer, I'm renewing my commitment to all of it - eating more fruits and veggies, planning my meals, staying active and tracking it to keep me motivated.  My goal is to blog at least two times each week with one of the times sharing what those great healthy AND flavorful meals might look like each week.

And the blog name?  Our guideline from the government about nutrition now?  We are now back at what looks an awful lot like four food groups to me... a nice little plate with a cup of milk on the side and a slogan, 'Fruits and Veggies, More Matters'.  My plate and my family's plate won't always be perfect, but I sure am trying!