Sunday, June 19, 2011

Illness and recovery & Meals for the week of June 19th

I've been missing for several days.  My son was sick, then I was sick, then my husband was sick... UGH!  That leads to eating at weird times with whatever is handy and appealing.  Now, I feel like it is time to get back on the bandwagon and sort it all out.

Sunday - Veggie Curry - use up anything in the fridge
Monday - pita bread pizzas & green salad - I have a meeting so it's got to be fast and simple tonight
Tuesday - Mommy's Night Out - Tapas restaurant for me, left over curry for the boys.
Wednesday - Steak Salad - a good steak over spinach and mixed greens with veggies and blue cheese dressing.  It satisfies my husbands steak desire and keeps the calorie count down!
Thursday - Pasta Primavera This sounds good and is on a blog I follow.
Friday - Turkey Burgers A basic recipe... along with some sweet potato fries
Saturday - friends for a BBQ - they are vegetarian so I think I will take along this Edamame Salad because I have some great mint in my garden I've been wanting to include in some things :)

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