Friday, June 10, 2011

When it all falls down

Wow, tough week.  Monday starts of great and then bam - call from the daycare.  Sick kid.  Gets worse Tuesday, no better Wednesday so off to the pediatrician and then to the pharmacist for antibiotic.  Thursday a quieter day and I was able to go to an evening meeting when a friend brought her daughter over to babysit for me for a couple of hours.  Friday he's back at daycare... but now I'm sick.

So what happens to a meal plan when life happens.

  1. I've learned to not buy too far a head of myself.  If this means I go to the grocery store twice or even three times a week so be it - I've often forgot something even if I do buy for a full week. 
  2. The freezer can save a lot of stuff to later be made into something else or the same recipe I was going to make in the first place
  3. build in left over nights - and the missed night can fill in here.  
  4. Have flexibility in the meals so if you are running short on time you can quickly substitute something easier.
Here's how I applied all of this during the week...
  1. I did make a couple trips this week - shorter trips are always better with a kiddo anyway, but I really had many things in my pantry for the week.
  2. My left over gazpacho soup... it's going in the freezer & since we were home all week I needed more food around for lunches too.
  3. Gazpacho got moved to last night and bean burgers are moved to this night - I am not camping in my current condition - especially not in the rain.
  4. Last night I thought about getting those bean burgers done too, but really time wasn't going to work, so I filled in with other things and some leftover plantain omelet that I made for breakfast (sometimes having to stay home with a sick kid is kinda fun)

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