Monday, June 6, 2011

Lesson from the grocery store and Meals for 6/6-6/11

I like to shop for at least the "Dirty Dozen" organically and other things when I can swing it.  I also, now with a son who comes along with a daycare bill, have to watch the bottom line far more closely than when it was just my husband and me in the house....

Lesson from the grocery store... At least at my local food co-op, always check the marked down produce.  Sometimes the quality is so close to the full-price version you can't tell the difference!

Evening Meals for 6/6-6/11

Tonight: Quick quesadillas with a fruity twist

  • corn tortillas (Tortilla Factory Brand because they use a little wheat which makes the tortilla so much more flexible!)
  • Cheese
  • Veggies (I used green onion (from the garden), orange sweet pepper (good find at the store) & mushrooms)
  • Fruit (Apples and banana thinly sliced)
  • Yogurt dipping sauce (lowfat, plain yogurt with a dash of lemon juice, chives from my garden and fresh ground pepper!)
Tuesday: Omelets with fresh veggies, fruit and toast.  
  • My kid loves eggs!

Wednesday: Oven roasted asparagus, Gazpacho soup,  Grilled flatbread with rosemary  
  • make the soup Tuesday night and use up some of the whole frozen tomatoes in my freezer, more of the orange sweet pepper.  I'll need to pick up some corn for this and cilantro!
  • I love to crank up a hot cast iron frying pan with a little olive oil and grill the flatbread like a grilled cheese.  I usually sprinkle it with dried rosemary and a pinch of salt - so yummy!  Might make an alternative of this for the little dude with some cheese.
Thursday: Bean Burgers with frozen sweet potato fries.  
  • Prep burgers the night before
  • not the healthiest, but meat free - so I'm going to give myself some credit here :)

Friday: With friends!
Saturday: With friends! (what can I say, it's an easy week to start all this planning!)

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